Josie Lloyd Blues guitarist, singer

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Welcome to my bio page. I started playing guitar at the age of eleven learning Bob Dylan and Joan Baez songs. At the age of fourteen, when I thought myself pretty good, I saw the jaw dropping skills of Steve Phillips at a free concert in Leeds. he was playing blues and ragtime on a stunningly beautiful metal bodied National Resophonic Guitar engraved with palm trees. The same guitar in fact that appears on the front cover of Dire Straits "Brothers in Arms" Album. ........WOW .......... thought I, so that is how you play a guitar! ,
Guitars picBy fifteen I was writing my own material and playing in the pubs and clubs of Leeds, with LOADS of encouragement from the wonderfully talented musicians in the area. Then in the 1970's, I sang with two bands, both of whom achieved a local cult status. First up was the crazy and fabulous OK band that ranged from a four piece with a folksy sound to a big band that boasted two drum kits and two saxes, but always with the fancy dress, community arts shenanigans of the inspired song writer and performer, Les Staves.
Then there was a punkish band called CUBA with wonderful material by Dave Parkinson. CUBA released a couple of singles under the Ariola Records banner and can be still be seen on Youtube with their records occasionally being seen on Ebay.